Permission Bot V1.0

Re-permissioning the City is prototyping practical ways that citizens could interact with and shape their city more freely. To support this we have designed a chatbot to learn about how people would prefer to use the city if anything was possible. 

You can set up a future event listing to propose your ideal event. How would you use a car free street to host an event..? What could take place in the empty house on your street..? Which sort of shared equipment would be most popular in the local community..? 

You can also build a new permission system for an existing event. What information would be needed to help plan it..? What would permission to hold the event be based on..? How could it generate long term value for the organisers and participants..?

We’ll use the data collected through the chatbot to build a strong, citizen backed case for why and how we can Re-permission the City through emergent digital tools.

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Data collected through the chatbot will be used to learn about how citizens would prefer to use the city and design better public services. We collect answers you provide in response to the chatbot. We are committed to the principles of GDPR and data privacy standards.